Dua For Winning The Lottery

Dua For Winning The Lottery

Dua For Winning The Lottery

Dua For Winning The Lottery, “Money is very important to live life. Having money can fulfill your basic needs. Today’s time is such that people who have money, people ask them. The one who does not have money, dua for winning the lottery, he is neither respected in the society nor does any person talk to him. Everyone keeps distance from him.

There are some people whose conditions at home are very bad. They do not even know how to get food for one time. In such a situation, he dreams of getting rich. And to get rich soon, they resort to lottery. Lottery is the only way, which can open the fortunes of a poor person and make him rich.

Lottery is played in every country. And everyday people try their luck. But they get caught in such a swamp of greed, from where it becomes very difficult to get out. Some people find out the lottery number by black magic. But Islam never allows us to do this. But with islamic dua you can get success in lottery. This dua is also good for getting the children to pass the exam with good marks.

You must have heard the saying that greed is a bad force. In the affair of greed, the person keeps on playing lottery. And a day comes when he spends all his money in the lottery. He realizes his mistake. But he doesn’t give up. So today we will tell you such a dua which will help you in winning any kind of lottery.

Dua To Win Lottery

If seen, lottery is considered a haram act in Islam. But there are some people who are not able to maintain their house properly. And they play the game of lottery helpless in front of poverty. Many people play the game of gambling, lotto and lottery. Most of the people do not get success in this. Due to which they lose money, and have to face many types of financial problems.

You must have heard the stories of your greed since childhood. Who has only one moral in the last, that greed ruins a person, dua to win lottery, The person whose stars of luck are good, their lottery number goes out quickly. And in whose fate the lottery is not written, the lottery does not come out even after wanting it. But today let’s solve your all the time.

  1. This dua has to be recited on your friday night only. Those who are below 18 years of age cannot recite this dua.
  2. When you have read the Insha prayer, and go to sleep on the bed, then before that you have to recite this dua 121 times.
  3. First of all, clean your mouth thoroughly with water with both hands.
  4. A little perfume has to be applied on the body. And apply jasmine oil on the hair.
  5. After that, sit on the bed and read this dua. Allah Ki Shan Mohammad Ka Nur Khawaza Ki Tasbee Kul Aalam Do Khabar Aaj Ki Jarur.
  6. You have to close your eyes and sleep as soon as possible after reciting the dua. If your eyes open at some point in the night, then do not keep your feet under your bed.
  7. Insha Allah whenever you play any type of lottery or lotto, you will definitely get 101% success in it.
  8. In a few days Allah will make your luck shine.In a few days Allah will make your luck shine. And will fulfill your every wish.

Lottery is also a game of luck, the person whose luck is good, his lottery goes out. Some people see lottery or lotto numbers in their dreams, and they wake up in the morning and put the numbers in the lottery which appeared in the dream. And later it happens that even the lottery does not come out and there is a lot of loss of money.

If it is so that at night you go to sleep with lottery. And if your lottery number is out in the morning, how will you feel? Hope you go crazy with happiness. Because lottery is the only way that makes even a rook a king overnight. Such a dua in the Quran that gives you sudden wealth. If you want, you can also read it.

Dua To Win Lottery Immediately

Everyone’s thinking is always to become rich. When we see a rich person leaving, you also think, I wish I was also a rich man like him, dua to win lottery immediately, Fulfills all your wishes. Let us tell you that it is very difficult to become a rich man. You have to work hard for many years, but with lottery you can reach from poor to rich and from road to palace in few moments.

In earlier times lotteries were sold and bought. But in today’s time online lottery is played. Where people buy lottery tickets online while sitting at home, and become rich. There are some states in India too, where lottery is played even today. Now we will tell you how to get success in lottery through the Quran, we will tell you the blessings of winning the lottery immediately.

If you want to increase your chances of lottery, then you have to read this dua and wazifa. You have to recite this dua only after buying the lottery ticket. If you have spent more money on your lottery ticket, then definitely you will get a lot of profit. This dua will also work to increase prosperity in your business. That is, by this dua you will get wealth from all sides.

You see any kind of lottery or lotto number in your dream, then you should never put that number, because dreams never come true. After buying a lottery ticket, you should always keep that ticket in your purse, you have to take care that the ticket should never fall on the ground. If you have any query related to lottery, then you can ask our maulana ji.

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