Dua To Solve Fight Between Husband And Wife

Dua To Solve Fight Between Husband And Wife

Dua To Solve Fight Between Husband And Wife

Dua To Solve Fight Between Husband And Wife, “Nowadays, in every house, there are quarrels between husband and wife about something or the other, in some houses the quarrels would have been less and more. In a house where there are excessive fights and quarrels between husband and wife, then the reason for divorce becomes more likely.

How to avoid these fights, and how to get rid of them, today we will tell you such Islamic Dua, after reading which your married life will improve. And your married life will be better.

Happiness, happiness and peace reside in the house only when there is no conflict or fight in the house. Every person wants that there should always be happiness in his house. In the house where there are clashes every day, money never comes to that house.

Dua To Stop Fight Between Husband And Wife

Husband wife both are life partner of each other, Now we will tell you the dua to stop fight between husband and wife. When a man and a woman are married, both grow into a bond for birth. This relationship becomes very unbreakable.

The unbreakable love between the two keeps them tied to each other throughout their lives. But there comes a time when happiness goes away from home. The behavior of the whole family becomes full of anger.

  • This dua can be recited by any woman of the house for 7 days. But keep in mind that no one should have menstruation.
  • You have to keep your fast for 7 days. And feed the poor person.
  • If possible, do not read this dua in front of anyone. But when you are reciting the dua, it is important to have your husband’s photo in front of you.
  • This practice has to be started from the day of the first Jumeirat of your month.
  • First of all you have to read Surah Kausar 141 times and Surah Fatiha 151 times.
  • Right after that you have to read your 161 times Ya Wuddu Ya Allah.
  • After that some sweets or toffees have to be distributed to the children.
  • You have to do this for 7 consecutive days. Insha Allah will hear your plea soon, and will create love in the heart of your husband.

If you do not, that on which both are quarreling. So you will find that most of the things you are fighting behind have no reason at all. But that is not the only reason. What are you fighting about.

In such a situation, you have to think that both of you are companions of each other’s births. That’s why Allah has introduced you. It is also the responsibility of husband and wife to maintain their relationship with love. That’s why whenever you are getting angry with you on something earlier. Whether it is your fault or not.

Dua To End Fighting Between Husband And Wife

When fights start between the husband and the wife, then unusual conflict starts between the two. Both do not even like to see each other’s face. Due to which their very good relationship also starts feeling bitter. But neither of them is able to remain happy due to the conflict between the two. And because of this passion, slowly the relationship starts breaking down.

But what is the main reason for the fight? The reason for the quarrel is the ego of the husband and wife, dua to end fighing between husand and wife, Because both do not understand less than each other. When one speaks something, the ego of the other gets immediately hurt. And then how else remained silent. He also starts quarreling.

Keep your ego aside and be silent. Listen to everything your partner has to say. When their anger is over, then you should discuss this matter with them. If you have any mistake, then you should apologize to them without understanding. You will find that he has forgiven you very easily.

The second major reason for having conflict is that we start quarreling with our partner without doing any investigation by coming in the words of others. Therefore, check anything first. Even if it is your partner’s fault, you should still talk to them with love. Try to understand them with love. This will increase the love between you two. And your normal will become even more irresistible.

Top 10 Things to Stop The Fight Between Husband and Wife

If your hands and feet grow nails, then you cut the nails, not your hands and feet, in the same way, when you face trouble in a relationship, you should remove the problem and be happy with your partner.

If the relationship is to be strong, then the husband and wife have to keep each other happy. Even if some misunderstanding comes in life, then both of them should remove the misunderstandings together.

If you follow these 10 things, Insha Allah the distance of your love will turn into closeness. And seeing such love of husband and wife, every person will also praise you.

1. Husband and wife listen to each other, give respect and goods to each other. So there will never be a fight in your house.

2. Go out with your family once or twice a year. Due to which the love between husband and wife becomes even deeper.

3. The husband should give time to his wife and children along with business.

4. From time to time, husband and wife give gifts to each other, this will strengthen the weak love of both of yours.

5. There should not be a bed and mirror in the east and north direction of your house.

6. The wife should spend some time with her husband by taking out some time from household chores.

7. If the husband comes home from office, then do not quarrel with him about the matters of the house. Even if you come home late at night, don’t ask him too many questions and answers.

8. Every husband wants his wife to take good care of him. In such a situation, by taking care of your husband, you can keep him happy.

9. The way to the heart of every husband passes through the stomach, in such a situation, prepare and feed different types of dishes to please the husband.

10. Learn to listen to each other. Try to make each other happy as much as you can.

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